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Solve the crime through our fun-filled, interactive Whodunnit!

Our actors and Your Guests are the Characters!

Make your next event come alive!

Group sizes from 10 to 100+


"David-we had a wonderful time last night! Everyone laughed and giggled, shocked and surprised. We will definitely do this again. Detective Lisa and your ImprovPlayhouse staff were the most successful part and highlights our event! She especially gave the ambiance to jump in and play the parts well. Great timing and kept us connected. It was perfect."


"Your team executed the entire evening flawlessly. Rick and Lisa were hysterically funny as well as seemlessly facilitating the mystery with our group of over 80 people. We have a waiting list for your next event with us. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and had a terrific time dancing with your DJ and MC to cap off a great evening!"


"The Improv Playhouse Murder Mystery Event was perfect! The actors were very well organized and kept everyone engaged in finding out who the murderer was, which can often be difficult with a group of typically introverted engineers.  I will definitely recommend improv playhouse to other groups at Cardinal Health. We had a ton of fun!"


Fitness Can Be Murder

News flash! The steam room of the PUMP 'N' PRESS Fitness Center is now a crime scene.

Bye Bye Bucca


The continuing saga of the Bucca Family during the Roaring 20's at its most nostalgic!!

Death Beneath the Sphynx


The Egyptian sun, palm trees, and pyramids mingle with international finance, mummies, death curses, and smuggled treasures.

A Christmas Carol to Die For

Return to Merrie Olde England and that fateful Christmas Eve when Scrooge was transformed by the Spirits of Christmas into a kind and generous soul. Then who would have wanted to kill the old man the very next night? There's a whole village of suspects, including his own nephew, the poor clerk and his wife, a half-crocked maid, and the local schoolmaster.

The Elf Who Knew Too Much


Turmoil at the North Pole. Comet has organized the reindeer and they have gone on strike. The hardest working elf, Endorfin, has been electrocuted, and a depressed Santa has gone on a feeding frenzy. Who will help get out the toys this Christmas?

The Great Reindeer Hoax


We've all heard the proof that Santa exists because he ran over Grandma with his reindeer. But new evidence has surfaced that Grandma's death was no accident. Grandpa's been acting awfully screwy, and then there's Uncle Louie . . . or was it Cousin Mel? Find out who saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus and who's gettin' nuttin' for Christmas!

The Mystery of the Class of '57


It's the Homecoming Pep Rally and the Possums' quarterback was drowned in the pool.

Dead on the Money


What do tennis, golf and thoroughbred hunting dogs have in common?  Find your answer in this hilarious "Southern Fried" mystery.

Five Card Draw!


The Smell of Gunsmoke:  A fixed card game at the Short Branch Saloon!


Love You to Death


It's the Fabulous Forties! It's Chicago! It's...the DeChette Mob!

Feud in Ragtime


Model T's and silent films.

Chicago 1915

The Case of the Spooky Seance


The list of believers in Madame Gaze's psychic abilities spans the globe and reads like a Who's Who!

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